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P5.0.4 / WP3.6.1 Tutorial | Pydio, formerly AjaXplorer

P5.0.4 / WP3.6.1 Tutorial Recently Tested With


  1. Basic installation
  2. WordPress Side
  3. Pydio Side
  4. Result

Basic installation

  1. First install WordPress
  2. Install pydio with Mysql database
  3. Check both Wp and pydio has admin login.(Same admin username is preferred)
  4. I do not know what is the exact problem but I had some problems with different admin usernames maybe some browser cache problems.

WordPress Side

  1. Login to admin panel in WordPress and install pydio_cms_4.0.1 via Plugins/Addnew option
  2. Be aware that the original file you downloaded from has all the cms plugins.So extract that file and select the directory wordpress/ajaxplorer only.You can either zip it again and upload to wordpress or copy the whole directory (only AjaXplorer in the wordpress dir) to wp-content/plugins directory.Warning !!! Be sure that there is no recurring directories otherwise the plugin install will return with error.
  3. Activate the plugin.
  4. On the dashboard select Settings/AjaXplorer
  5. In the Ajaxplorer path enter the full installation path something like : /home/user/public_html/ajaxplorer
  6. Choose a secret key
  7. Be sure that Auto Create (Create Ajxp users when they login) option is Checked to Yes.And do not forget to save changes.
  8. We finished the WordPress side.Now it’s time for Pydio part.

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