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Chmod 777 –R /var/www/html/webdir
Permission level
1.       r (read)       =  4
2.       w (write)     =  2
3.       x (execute)  =  1

For example : 

chmod 753 abc.txt thus means
assign (4+2+1)(4+1)(2+1) to abc.txt

assign (rwx)(rx)(wx) to abc.txt
assign (owner)(group)(other) to abc.txt

Another example

chmod 572 dump.txt thus means
assign (4+1)(4+2+1)(2) to 
dump .txt
assign (rw)(rwx)(w) to  dump .txt


Comments on: "linux file permission simplest rule of thumb" (2)

  1. Can you explain what the three characters do?like I think chmod 7 abc.text should mean allow read write and execute to the file abc.text,why write 7 three time as follows: chmod 777 abc.txt

  2. dear jubair, have a look at example 1assign (rwx)(rx)(wx) to abc.txtassign (owner)(group)(other) to abc.txtthis clearly shows the right for each section so 751 mean 1. left most option is for owner i.e owner can read/write and execute(4+2+1) 2. figure in center i.e 5 is for group.A member of that particular group can read+execute (4+1)3. right most digit ,in this case 1 is for others(any other user)so other user can eXecute (1) Thanx

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