All your web development code goes here

 in browser type url ip-Of-Server:1158/em/console/

  1. in browser type url ip-Of-Server:1158/em/console/
  2. login there
  3. go to Schema-> Directory Objects
  4. click the “create” Button
  5. fill in the form
  6. * Name DIR_WLIST
    * Path


    where Name= name of virtual directory and Path= path to the directory

  7. now thru ftp client (or putty ) create a file test.txt in /tmp/test_v_dir/
  8. then go to sqlplus
  9. type in follwing query

create table XTERN_test( student_name varchar2(100) )
organization external (
type oracle_loader
default directory DIR_WLIST
access parameters (
records delimited by newline
location (‘test.txt’)
reject limit unlimited;

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